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EXCLUSIVE - A Fairly Odd Movie 

A Fairly Odd Movie by Nickelodeon 
Starring:- Daniella Monet & Drake Bell


1. Victorious 

Star Spangled 

When Tori missed out saying the national anthem by a dog.

Locked Up 

When Tori popped out the chansler's eye by mistake

One Thousand Berry Balls

When Tori had got a job in dessert selling shop.

The Bad Roommate

When Andre Harris came to Tori's home to write his song.

2. Hey Arnold

Veterans Day

Back to School

School Play



Ernie in Love

3. Sam & Cat Season 1

Episode 1 - Pilot

When Sam's best Friend Carly had went to Italy with her father. Sam decided to go where her scooter takes her so, she stopped at hollywood where she stopped at a taco truck to eat some tacos while she saw a girl helping some kids find their cat. Watch the episode to find out what's gonna happen.

Episode 2 - The Show

When their favorite Show was stopped, Sam wanted to make Cat remember the show forever by stealing the furniture from the studio. Watch the Episode to know what happened.

Episode 3 - The Brit Brats

When the father of 2 daughters made Sam & Cat babysit his daughters. The daughters tricked Sam & Cat with a the new Pear Phone 6 which had didn't come to stores & said that they have tons of them. Sam was freaking out, so she asked the girls if she could have some of the new Pear Phones. Watch the Episode to know whats gonna happen.

Episode 4 - New Goat

When Cat's friend had given Cat & Sam a new goat, the son of owner of the building they live in knew. so he decided to trick them by saying that Goats are not allowed in the building. Watch the epsiode to know what's gonna happen.

4. SpongeBob SquarePants

Safe deposit krabbypatty

Licence to MilkShake

Squid Baby


5. Dora the Explorer

Science Fair

Animal Circus Gymnastics Adventure 2

Birthday Adventure


The Milk out

The butterfly dance show

Egg Hunt

A trip to the Supermarket

6. Big Time Rush

Big Time Tour Bus

Big Time Rescue

Big Time Surprise

7. Marvin Marvin

Ice Pop

Scary Movie


Burger on a bun

Battle of the tooth

Basket Ball


Life with Boys

Episode 24

Episode 4

Episode 3

Episode 22

Episode 9

Episode 1

Episode 7